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Everyone watches a movie in a different way

Sharing movies has been a tradition for many decades now. From the days when people met for an evening and “took in a movie” to line ups of teens for the first showing of a new superhero action adventure we’ve all been sharing our movie experiences in ways both big and small. Whenever people gather to discuss a film they gain insight and illumination from hearing how others experienced it. If you have ever seen a movie where you couldn't wait to tell people about then we invite you to join our discussions on the fourth Friday of each month.

As a form of fellowship the St. Paul’s Cinema Group have been sharing their movie watching experiences for more than 30 years. The group is open to new people each time we view a film and discuss it. Some are more interested in characters and others the plot. No matter what the title of the movie we can usually find a way it connects to everyday life. Our discussions vary from moral and religious issues through social and societal issues. Movies provide us with an opportunity to share our observations about the world, our community, political change, as well as the humor in everyday life. This is a fellowship activity and not a group who advocate for better movies.

We don't normally meet during the month of December because it is so difficult to arrange (and there aren't usually many good films).

There's often much more going on in a movie story than a first viewing reveals. Filmmakers are motivated to both entertain with their movies but also to communicate ideas about life or to offer other perspectives on our society and its problems.

Not every film is a deeply thought-out plan for presenting philosophical or socially important ideas. Some of them are just for fun. We like to have fun too.

If you are already participating in the Cinema Group this site will provide you an opportunity to continue the discussion beyond our viewing night. You will also be able to see which movie is coming up for discussion and reflect on the ones we have watched in the past. Regarding the past movie list, I will be putting in all of the ones I am aware of, but I welcome anyone helping to add titles of movies which were watched and do not appear on this list.

The discussion continues

We invite you to add your voice to the discussion right here on this site. A discussion area has been added where visitors can comment on films in the list and can also give us their impressions of what others have been saying about the movies.

Follow the link to the discussion area on the sidebar or link to it from the List of Movies page.

Contributing to the discussion may require you to set up a "log in" identity with the Disqus system so it may identify you and the remarks can be moderated for this site. Your information is not shared or sold and remains under the control of this site for only this discussion.